Salt Wash door

saltwash door

It's been awhile! I've been enjoying the last days of summer and taking some trips to the beach.
But recently I finished a couple projects, and wanted to show them.
I picked up an old chippy door at a vintage market and thought I'd leave it as is, but...... it was SO chippy that the paint flakes were falling all over my room. I new I had to do something to make it more "permanent".
I cleaned it up good by hosing it off on the deck, lots more painted came off let me tell you!
This is what it looked like before I painted it.
One side was the white, and the other side was a combination of green and pink layers. I don't have a pic of that side. Anyway, I had just gotten some Salt Wash product so thought I'd try that, give it that cool layer beach look since this was going in my family room with my beach decor.

The above photo was taken from the ilovesaltwash.com website and this is the description given of the product:

Saltwash is an easy to use base coat formula to give a layered and textured effect when mixed with any brand or type of paint!

Apply your mixture to any piece of furniture or surface to achieve an authentic time worn look, as if weathered from years on the coast, in just a few easy steps. It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look.
It's very easy to use, and you can get whatever look you want, with more or less of the base color showing through. I highly recommend it!! Fun and easy to use, with amazing results!! Below are 4 shots of my work in progress, dabbing on the saltwash then flattening it out.
saltwash door
saltwash door
I also added the wood embellishment piece that I had been storing away for years. I finally had a use for it. I used wood glue, then finished it in multiple layers of chalk paint. Here's the door in the room, just leaning against the wall hiding cords and plugs from TV stuff. You can see in this picture  (above) especially where the top coat of paint (the off white) has been scrapped off in places to reveal the first aqua coat that had the saltwash mixed in. I could have scrapped off more if I had wanted to. Lastly, I applied a coat of  RUST-OLEUM Chalked protective topcoat in matte clear. It really made for a nice smooth finish, and protective.
saltwash door
And I found a glass doorknob to finish it off :)  I also have a blog post HERE on that side table that I refinished. The door looks like a much better match now.
saltwash door
Now, onto the next project that I just finished- the aqua and white frame next to the door. I found it an an antique store, and am drawn to any frame that has all this wonderful texture and detail. Not drawn to the gold though. It was originally going to be an all off with with dark wax for detailing, but I changed my mind where I wanted to put it, so I decided to do the aqua and white instead because on the other side of room is a very cool vintage aqua cabinet. 
I painted a base white first, then the aqua, then just dry brushed the off white to bring out the details. Lastly I used a white wax, rubbed it off, brushed on some antiquing powder, then buffed with a dry cloth when dry. 
Look at that yummy detail!
chalk paint frame
Before and after!
chalk paint frame

Having fun finally getting some projects done and (almost) finished with this room!

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Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share

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