DIY driftwood sailboats- take 2

Since there's an abundance of driftwood at the beach where I have a place, and go frequently, I have lots of opportunity for making driftwood sailboats. My first one that I made a year ago or so, was more simple, and I was just getting the hang of making them. Then I made my second one HERE. It was definitely an improvement. I've been able to develop a better system now, and they go much faster!!
These 2 are my favorites so far, and much more "polished" than the earlier versions.
I use alot of hot glue with the fabric, gluing the front and back sides of the sails together. Then I put the grommets in, and cut a small piece of wire, bend it into a U shape and shove it into the wood to tie the sails to. I like to put the little flag on the top of the mast, also with hot glue.

I'm sure I'll be making more in the future, it's kind of addictive :)
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