Chalk paint dresser make-over

Don't ask me WHY on earth I waited so long to re-do this dresser!! I've had it  F O R E V E R  and just kept putting off the inevitable. The dresser itself was great, I love the size, it's well made and sturdy and the drawers slide super well. But.... ewww the old finish was nasty!
I actually bought it finished like this a long time ago..... don't judge.

And since I'm all into chalk painted light colored furniture, after my move was the perfect time to get the job done. I just emptied out the drawers, put plastic underneath it right in the bedroom and painted away. I actually mixed 2 different colors to get the off white I wanted, and in certain light it has a bit of a pinkish cast to it. That's ok by me.
I did a couple coats of paint, then lightly distressed it. Then went the clear wax, and finally a light fast coating of darker wax which I quickly wiped off . I didn't want it too dark.

As far as the hardware, I changed the finish 3 times, lol.  It was really dirty/nasty/tarnished so I soaked it in a silver cleaner solution and scrubbed it good. It looked sorta weird. So I sprayed it white, but the white was too glossy. Then I sprayed it a flat off white and used a golden gilding paint in places. I still didn't like the look. Finally I sprayed them the gold/brass color and lightly distressed them with a mix of a glaze and black paint. Finally the look I wanted! I think doing the hardware 4 times took longer than painting the dresser!
But now I'm happy with it, and it made a huge difference in my room.

Here's a few more pics for you:
The U G L Y  before:

And the after:

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  1. Such a cute dresser - love the embellishment. She's now very lovely & has met her potential!