Shabby french chalk painted bottles

diy water slide decals

One again, I saw bottles being painted and "shabbified" on Pinterest by distressing and using water slide decals. Well since I love shabby french decor, I kept my eyes open for some bottles to try this technique on. I found several same size/type at an antique mall, and decided to get three of them.
I got my water slide decal paper from www.world-paper.com after doing a google search. They have the instructions for using it online for you HERE.

So basically it's pretty darn easy. I happened to have some spray chalk paint from Krylon...yes you can buy spray chalky paint!! Woohoo! So I decided to use that for the cream colored finish. But first I painted the bottles with a couple coats of black craft paint. I suppose any kind of paint would do for the undercoat, but it should be dark so when you distress it will show through. I saw a tip for rubbing a candle over some of the areas of the dried black paint before doing your top coat to make chipping and distressing easier, so I did that too. After that, I sprayed the chalky finish paint several light coats and let it dry thoroughly. I actually didn't do the decals until days later.

I used awesome french graphics that I had been collecting from the Graphics Fairy. She offers free downloads, and lots of tips! I opened up an 8.5x11 (standard printer paper size) image in photoshop and filled it with as many designs as I could so as not to waste any of the decal paper since it can be run through the printer only once. I used 3 of them for this project and still have a bunch left for my next projects!
diy water slide decals
After printing out the sheet (on the shiny side), the instructions say to spray a thin coat or two of  Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear High Gloss spray and let dry before cutting them out. I actually bought the satin finish because when I was at the store I couldn't remember what finish to get, lol.
diy water slide decals
Then after that spray finish is thoroughly dried, you cut out the decals around the design, as close as possible to the printing. Place decal in warm water in a bowl for 45-60 seconds and remove when the thin decal film begins to roll up. When the film starts to loosen from the paper you can slide it from the backing material. Do not leave the paper for a long time (over one minute ) in the water. Apply to the clean surface, and work out any air bubbles. It is important to remove all water and air. I dabbed with paper towels then a kitchen towel.
That's pretty much it!
diy water slide decals

diy water slide decals
Of course this technique can be used on so many surfaces and projects- trays, furniture pieces, any kind of container really. I'm anxious to try more things! And here's my finished project :)
Give it a try!
french typography

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  1. Awesome, thank you so much for sharing this. I saw ur link on decorate also ig account.
    Your explanation is amazing, so clear and yet detailed. I have some old tins, I'd like to makeover and use in my bathroom.

  2. These are just beautiful! Great tutorial.

  3. Great hands on info!!! Got my decal paper and bottles ready :)