Bleaching bottle brush trees

Pinterest for the win again!
I've been spending more time on Pinterest lately during the holiday season for ideas, inspiration, recipes, decorating, etc.
I came across a pin that talked about bleaching those little bottle brush trees that are so cute in Christmas decor. This year I did a neutral living room and wanted some more of them, so I set up my supplies and went for it. It's really pretty easy.
This isn't a true how to because I didn't take the step by step photos, lol.
But basically you fill a basin with bleach and water, I did about 75% water 25% bleach...maybe. No measuring. Dunk the trees, swish around a bit and let them sit for awhile. It was probably about 5 minutes. They will turn a lighter green which is sorta pretty, then the white (or actually cream color).
I then rinsed them and let them dry till the next day.
I had chalk paint on hand from previous projects, so I used it to dab on the trees for the snow, then sprinkled with the opalescent glitter. You could certainly use any color glitter that you wanted though.
I do plan on gluing pears here and there, but didn't get around to it yet. I still like them without.
So now I have a little forest of white, sparkly bottle brush trees :)

bleaching bottle brush trees

bleaching bottle brush trees

Another thing I forgot to do was to take before pics of the dark green trees. I got them in a multi pack at Michaels, and this is what they looked like-

 Quite the difference right?

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share

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