Chalk painted blanket chest make-over

After recently moving to a new place that doesn't have much extra storage space in the way of linen closets, I decided to look for a chest to put at the foot of my bed for bed linens. It just so happens, I was on a couple day trip a few weeks back and spotted this french provincial style at an antique store. The best part was that it was 50% off- woohoo!
I like the style, the size and the lines....just not the dated finish.
I've also been really getting into chalk painting and knew this would look awesome chalk painted and distressed with an added french flair :)

Here's the before and after shots...unfortunately I only took ONE photo of it before, and with my cell phone at that. But you get the idea!

I did a couple coats of the chalk paint, no sanding needed. I did the distressing, not too much, then the dark wax, wiping it off quickly. I used a stencil for the Paris typography and also lightly sanded over it after it was dried to age it a bit. I added another coat of clear wax on the top of the chest. I decided to keep the hardware as is, I liked the white and gold once the chest was painted.

All in all I love the way it turned out, and now I have storage for bed linens!

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share

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