Chalk paint cabinet makeover

chalk painted furniture

I'm not sure what to call this cute little piece of furniture, or what it was intended for originally.  It's kind of like the old radio cabinets. I've had it forever, stored odds and ends in it, art supplies, etc.
So after my recent move, I decided before hand I was going to chalk paint ALL of my dark wood furniture pieces. I've always liked the look of painted furniture and have painted a few others with regular latex paint before chalk paint was in vogue.
But I have to admit, the ease of using chalk paint, not having to prep, and the pretty matte finish I'm loving! Plus the different looks you get with wax is an added bonus.

This piece started with a coat of linen white chalk paint by Rust-oleum. It's actually way more of a "white white" than I thought it would be. I wanted more of a creamy white, but used it as the first base coat anyway, knowing I would be painting another coat over it.
The grey is actually 2 different brands/shades that I mixed together to get an in between warm/cold grey. So that was coat #2. Then I dry brushed another shade of creamy white over the grey after it was completely dried.
Next came the clear wax, then a dark wax to make those pretty details pop!
All in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Please excuse the hardware on the front, I haven't finished it yet. I'm still deciding about it:)

Beginning the first coat... (actually I remembered in the nick of time to take the before pics....oops)

This is how it looked after the first coat of white (on the right) and the left side has the grey coat done.

Next it has been dry brushed with the creamy white paint, but before the wax.

After the wax has been applied...

 I love the way the wax made the detailing look. I also rubbed off some of the finish with a wet wipe to make it look even more distressed. 

For the top I decided to add a stencil like I did on this blanket chest.
french stencil

french stencil

I have one more big project already finished- an antique buffet, so keep an eye open for that post! It's a real winner!!

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  1. Beautiful makeover - love the paint colors, dry brush technique and perfect amount of distressing!

  2. Thanks so much Marie. The nice thing about chalk painting and distressing, is you pretty much can't go wrong!

  3. Beautiful paint job! Thanks for sharing how you painted it. I will have to try these colors together myself.

    1. Thanks Karen, I'm definately having fun with these projects!

  4. Beautiful piece! I'm attempting to do it myself, but can't decide which technique to try! You achieved exactly the color grey I'm looking for. Can you share what color grey you used?

  5. Beautiful Piece! I'm going to try it myself, but can't decide which transfer technique to use! You achieved exactly the color grey I'm looking for. Would you share which grey paint color you used?