Beach dream come true! Part One- the living room.

 I am way way behind on this post, since I bought my beach condo back last October. I have taken photos along the way, keep changing things up, then taking more photos.
I think I will do different blog posts for different things, since I have several DIY projects to show.
 The only before pics I have were from my phone, the day I went to see it for the first time. I put those down at the bottom of the post. I knew I liked it, and envisioned just how I wanted it.
Since aqua is one of my favorite colors, the general look was going to be clean white, bright and splashes of aqua. And very beachy!

I'm only going to show the living room on this post, just so I can sort of stay organized.
This entire condo was furnished from Craigs List purchases (the large furniture) and most of the decor items were from Home Goods. Have I said how much I love Home Goods? I was estatic when I heard one was going to open up near me. And it just so happens, they have the most amazing supply of beach related decor! Woohoo! Score!
Every time I came out here, I'd be bringing another van load of items. The move in started shortly after I got my keys in October, and is all mostly almost done now. Do you ever really finish with decorating?
I also brought a bouquet of flowers each time from my yard back at home so I could enjoy them here at the beach too. That part I will miss, because I've since moved from my previous house and garden.  Guess I will have to rely on mostly store bought flowers. They just aren't quite the same though.

Ok, here we go with the photo dump. But remember, this is only the living room. The rest of the condo will come later.

I love the bright sunshine that streams in through the windows, and of course it faces the Pacific, so I see the sunsets :) Speaking of sunsets.....

Sofa, coffee table, wicker chair, wicker storage cube all from Craigs List. Love seat from Ikea as is section. Sisal rug from Ikea, throws and lamps from Home Goods. The triptych canvas on the wall is my photograph of the local beach. The condo came with the matchstick blinds, which were perfect for my style!

Peonies came from my yard. A little wide angle view below with my fish eye lens.

Isn't that seahorse lamp from Home Goods cute?
More flowers I brought with me :)
Decor above the TV. Fun to change this up sometimes.
 This fillable lamp was from Target!! The pretty vase is from a very cool shop in Grayland Wa called Pomegranate. The coasters were a Christmas gift from my daughter :)
 Beach decor everywhere! I got this blue wooden bowl at an antique shop in Oregon.
 This chair was an awesome Craigs List score! I mean really!! It's from Pier One and sells for $329. Guess what I got it for? $40......yep $40. Best deal ever! TV stand is from Ikea also, but I picked it up from Craigs List too for about 1/3 the price.
 I seriously couldn't believe my luck when I came across this perfect coffee table from guess where? Yep, Craigs list. I think it was around $30-40. Really heavy, and already white and distressed, lol.
 Oh but not to be left out, my new favorite store Burlap and Grain. The best part? It's right here in town- Ocean Shores. The worst part? They are only open part time- boo. They have cool beach stuff (like the candle I bought above) but mostly they are a blend of shabby chic, vintage french inspired decor. Which is what my new living room is being done in, so I will be paying them a visit every time I am out here :)
 What better pass time is there when you have a beach place than making driftwood sail boats? I have a big bucket full of pieces ready to go, along with assorted fabrics for the sails. They aren't hard, and the more I make, I suspect I'll get faster at it and figure out shortcuts. 

The cute wicker chairs I got in Oregon for $20 each! I ordered the cushions online- perfect fit. Sand dollars and shells collected by me on the beach here. Outdoor rug from Kess InHouse.

So now you've seen most of the living room as it is now- subject to change of course. Here's the photos I have of the condo before I moved in. They show all of the rooms, which includes the kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a laundry room. Future blog posts on those other areas.

 Future posts will show the before and after of the kitchen cabinets which I chalk painted.

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. WOW! You have done so many amazing things!!!! Looks fantastic!! And I must be the only one who does not know Craig's list have great finds like this?!?!

    1. Luck plays a big part of Craigs list shopping Linda. Right place at the right time. So many people moving just don't want to take things with them.

  2. Sylvia, it is beautiful! You have another awesome talent...decorating!

    1. Aww thanks so much Didi. Wouldn't it be fun to do for a living?

  3. Incredible and just love it all. And yes the seahorse lamp is perfect. What a wonderful place to live.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I do love it here. But it's a vacation retreat for me and my family. I'm not here full time. Close enough to come often though :)

  4. So glad I found your blog! Following from Your Inspired Design at Starfish Cottage. I, too, and just beginning a journey of having a home away from home.....our new beach house! It's furnished, but I'm having so much fun making it more my own. I invite you to come on over and visit me at Sea Glass Cottage, and I can't wait to look around your blog and see what you are doing with yours! Life is better at the beach! :)
    Joanne @ Sea Glass Cottage

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joanne! I'm so late getting some posts up on the beach place! I gotta get crackin!

  5. Wow Craigs List I would have never guest. I never shop on there but you have inspired me to take a chance thanks for sharing on My Romantic Home.

    1. Thanks for looking Heather! I am surprised I found so much perfect stuff on Craigs list but persistence paid off!