A beachy theme

So...some exciting news recently! I bought a 3 bedroom townhouse on the beach!! Yep...on.the.beach.
Well as close to on the beach as is allowed at Ocean Shores Wa.
It's about a 2 hr 15-30min drive, so close enough for a quick weekend getaway.
I have an ocean view from my upper deck and a cool trail through the sand dunes.  The picture above is a bench that sits right on the last dune looking out at the ocean....so peaceful.

I'm looking forward to getting the main furniture items there, so it will accomodate the rest of the family.
My 3 grandsons will have a blast there in the summer :)
So far I'm doing pretty good with the living room, I have a couch, loveseat, and some tables and lamps. I have an awesome wicker chair that's going out there on my next trip. I have signs and prints for the walls, just not hung yet. I'm working on a DIY project with 12x12 canvases and calendar pages. All beachy themed of course.

I'm also painting the kitchen cabinets white from the brown wood that they were. I hope to do a blog post on that project with before and afters at some point.

And since I have my very own beach place now, I was motivated to make a new design for Kess InHouse so I could buy some of my own home decor products :)

Using my fave color (and there will be alot of this color in the townhouse) I designed a nautical/coastal theme of aqua and white. This design is available on pillows (both indoor and outdoor), rugs, shower curtains, duvets, pillow shams, placemats, blankets, curtains, metal wall art, canvas, cutting boards, and pet products!

Here's a collage with some of the products--- they can be found HERE at Kess InHouse. I'm pretty excited about how this line of products turned out!

coastal home decor

Hopefully I'll be better at keeping this blog up to date, I've failed pretty badly as of late.
Keep a watch for more townhouse updates and pictures!

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share

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  1. How wonderful and fun and super exciting. Please show us a picture from that great bench. The photo makes me want to get up to it and sit down just to look. Great blog.
    peace n abundance,