New products in the Etsy shop!

I'm finally getting around to fixing up and revamping my Etsy shop lately. Business has been really picking up there, largly in part to adding the phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3! Seems that's quite a popular phone....second only to the iphone.
So I added lots of new cases for that model, plus offer cases for the iphone5 as well as the iphone4.
Here's a couple samples!

Samsung galaxy S3 phone cases

No to be outdone by the phone cases, I've also added pillows! I sell only the covers, so shipping is cheaper and easier. Inserts can be purchased in your local Michaels, JoAnn or other craft or fabric store.
custom pillow covers

Then of course I always have the prints in the shop, and now will also offer canvas!
Here's a few of the new prints available in the last few weeks.

twinkle lights on trees

circus tent photography, nursery decor

circus tent photography, nursery decor

Please have a little browse in the Shop and take a look!
Oh and if you purchase via the Etsy app on my FB page, you get a little discount! It's right at the top, you can't miss it:)
Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share

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