A pastel Christmas

A pastel Shabby Chic Vintage Christmas is my look this year, for the majority of my decorating anyway. It seems so soothing and calming! I've always like things bright and white and pastel, as you can tell by most of the furniture in my house. Pretty much all the wood has been painted. 
Not that I don't like the traditional reds and greens, I like those too. And I still have my snowmen collection and part of my Santa collection. But a good part of my years and years of holiday decor that I've collected has been handed down to my daughters. They both have houses now (Yay) so they have more room to store and decorate. 
As a matter of fact, you probably have already seen some of my decorations over at Mandy's house....from the blog A Sorta Fairytale. Yep, she's my #2 daughter and she seemed delighted to snatch up a bunch of my stuff. Easier and cheaper than going out shopping, right? I must admit, my snow village houses look pretty good on her mantel. Plus? My 2 little adorable grandsons get to enjoy it everyday now. But there are some things she's not getting yet, and those you'll see here on this post!
I've scaled down considerably over the years, and have designated only a couple rooms to be decorated instead of every room in the house.  So here's a bit of what I put out this year. I obviously love the vintage stuff, both true vintage and the new recreations. I have a huge collection of vintage glass ornaments, not all of which can fit on my tree, So some of it goes other places, like in glass jars. Can you tell I like sparkle and glitter?

This little angel above on the right is a very special one. She used to belong to a neighbor of mine that is no longer with us. She's an angel herself now, so I think of her every time I put this sweet vintage decoration out.
Thanks for coming to look! Happy Holidays to you all out there in blogland!

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