iphone, and Samsung and Blackberry....oh my!!

It's kind of mind boggling just how many smart phone choices there are out there now! More and more every day! I started less than a year ago on Society6 selling prints, canvas, ipad/laptop skins, and phone cases. Since then they've added more products like shirts, hoodies, cards, and now totes! I'm happy to say I've sold quite a few things (333 items to date, at least 75% of that being iphone cases). Pretty cool!

But I have people ask every once in awhile about other phones. "What about me, I don't have an iphone"
Well, I'm here to tell you today that in a couple of my other shops, you can get covers for the Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 or Nexus, the  Blackberry Bold 9700/9780,  Motorola Droid Razr, or the HTC Vivid.

Sometimes the websites aren't he most user friendly for ordering, so I thought I'd help out a bit with some screen shots.
First lets talk about the Zazzle Shop That one is perhaps the most difficult to navigate, but I think it's because there are so many options!!! 
In my Zazzle shop you can customize ANY of the cases I have there. SO in otherwords, if you see one that says its for an iphone and you want a Blackberry or a Samsung, you need to follow these steps:

Only a couple steps, but worth it to get a case for something other than an iphone, right?

Another option for Samsung S3 covers is my shop on Art of Where. It's a new company based out of Canada, and i really like the looks of their cases.

Here's a screen shot of just s few of the ones I have in there so far, more will come.

Art of Where is straight forward to order from, no customization involved. 

So now hopefully those of you that have been asking for different style cases, can find something you like for your phone. I know this doesn't cover all of them, but it's a start!

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Cases are so essential! And if they look good it's even better!

  2. This is really helpful for those wanting to order covers. So many choices!

  3. I want one, but I can't make up my mind!! There are so many awesome cases to choose from!!

  4. I've visited your Society 6 site a number of time! Beautiful work and good to know where to get the other model covers since I don't have an iPhone either!

  5. I love that that you are showing options for other than iPhones. Us non apple people want pretty stuff too

  6. NICE! That's awesome the shop has done so well and now you'll be able to gain new clients with offering more than just the iPhone case options!

  7. Oooh these are so pretty!! I have a Samsung S3 and dropped it last week (I don't have a case) and the screen glass cracked :(

  8. It’s a good thing that my sister knows how to customize blackberry cases. I just need to provide her with the materials, you know. Thanks for posting those different case designs, Sylvia! Because of you, I finally have new ideas to choose from for my niece's birthday next month.