New baby in the family!

It's hard to believe the first 3 months of the year are behind us now! How fast time flies for me anymore.

We had the birth of my 2nd grandson Easton Michael on March 30th, about 12 days before we planned on it. He was supposed to be an April baby. But I'm thrilled he's here, and that my daughter's delivery went so well. He came into the world much easier and faster than his big brother did a few years ago!

I have a few pics ready from the hospital to post, but don't have his "official photo session" yet.

I was so happy and thrilled that I could be there for the delivery! Birth is the most amazing thing, and seeing my grandson come into the world is something I will treasure and remember always ♥

Welcome to the world sweet little one!!

Here he is after being cleaned up some:)

 I love this one of the whole family!

 Lots of long dark hair!
Dad and big brother 

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. What an a amazing set of images. Thank you for sharing your newest grandson!

  2. What sweet pictures! Such an adorable little one! And what a wonderful way to remember this magical moment for the family...awesome work!

  3. AMAZING. I love these photos. You are capturing such a special time for that family.

  4. I love these, I do a lot of birth photography and I love how you kept them in color! beautiful!

  5. Congratulations again to all, Sylvia!!!

  6. Congratulations!! He's beautiful! Ironic thing, my niece was suppose to be a March baby and she was an April baby. She was born last night!

  7. There is a lot of love in these photos. Beautiful.