Names in the sand

Those of you that follow this blog know of the terrible loss my family had last October when my daughter lost twins in early labor at 20 weeks. If you didn't see the post you can read HERE and HERE for some background.
Over the last few months, we all try and think of things to do to remember, honor, show our love, and help us to heal. I spent a fair amount of time following links to blogs of others that had similar loss. It's very hard to read all those sad stories, but at the same time you can gather strength from learning some of the things that others have done to get through the tough times.

That's where I found Carly Marie and her blogs "Christian's Beach" and "Project Heal".
Carly Marie lives in Australia and had her own loss of her son Christian.
Here's the story on her blog of how and why she has started her project:

After experiencing the stillbirth of our beautiful son Christian our world ended. After 18 months of trying to make sense of the cruelness that was the reality of our lives I dreamed of our son for the first time. I was walking along a beautiful beach. Up ahead of me were three young children. Two boys and a girl. They were too young to be by themselves, especially by the sea. I could see that they were drawing in the sand with pieces of driftwood. As I got closer to them they skipped off up into the sand dunes. I could hear them laughing as they disappeared from my site.
As I got to the point where they had been drawing I saw that they had written their names in the sand. The names read Noah, Christian and Bella. It was only then that I realized that I had dreamed of our son. For the first time since his fatal diagnosis I felt true peace again in my heart. He was okay. He was more than okay. He was living a full and amazing life on Heaven’s Beach and he was with his friends who had also left their families too soon.
This dream inspired me to visit the beach and write Christian’s name. On August 19th 2008 Christian’s Beach was born and our lives were changed again forever. Since that day back in the Winter of 2008 0ver 13,000 childrens names have been written in the sand at sunset on Christian’s Beach.
Over the last few years I have felt led to help others walking the road of pregnancy, infant  and child loss. My family and I have created three international days for bereaved families. Bereaved Mothers Day, Bereaved Fathers Day and August 19th – Day of Hope.
13,000 names, to me that's an astounding and horrible fact, one that's hard to even think about. I looked at her beautiful sunset photos with all the other names of lost babies, and knew I had to see Michael and Alena join with them. Being a photographer myself, this seemed a perfect way for me to honor and remember my two little angel grandchildren. I submitted their names, and we now how 2 gorgeous images forever to cherish.
Here's the post with their images...please leave a comment to let me know you stopped by her blog!
Carly Marie offers beautiful images for sale in her Red Bubble shop. I encourage you to have a look through it and if you know of someone, or you yourself have experienced a loss, you may want to purchase one at a very nominal cost. There's some gorgeous ones with butterflies in the sand!
She also offers the jpegs for sale of the babies names in the sand. I purchased these 2 images for my family which you see below. This is where the proceeds go with your purchase...

"When you donate for your child's sunset photograph you are helping us to keep Christian's Beach a free service so that anyone around the world can have a memorial created for their children for free. In the last 3 years we have created over 13,000 free memorials on Christian's Beach.
It also helps us to keep working on our Luminous Light memory boxes and miscarriage care packs that we continue donate to Kind Edward Memorial Hospital here in Perth so that families who experience the death of their baby are able to leave the hospital with a box of keepsakes.
Your payment contibutes to the ceremonies on Christian's Beach that we hold for October 15th and International Bereaved Mothers Day.
You payment helps us to be able to continue to donate photographs to other charities for their charity auctions.
So when you purchase your child's sunset, you are not just paying for the photograph... you are helping us to help others."

Here's our 2 beautiful images, I love them!

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Wow... those are very beautiful photos. That must be such a hard loss to go through. I'm glad your daughter has such a support group around her!

  2. What a beautiful story, I can't even imagine the pain of the loss of a child, but the beach photos are a stunning way to honor their memory.

  3. Carly Marie is very talented. I have these same photos for my girls, Anna and Claire. I also bought two of her seashore butterflies because I just couldn't resist. She manages to capture so much beauty on that beach, each photo is slightly different. The seashore remembrances page has so many different vibrant colors for sky and water. Here are some ways I found to cope (I have a website for the syndrome that took my girls lives... but my info pages should be open to the public)
    Memorial Ideas: http://tttsupport.com/page/memorial-ideas
    Angelversaries: http://tttsupport.com/page/angelversaries
    Free Stuff: http://tttsupport.com/page/free-stuff