Holiday bokeh at I Heart Faces

There's no better time to have fun taking photos and playing around with bokeh then over the holidays with all the sparkly decorations and Christmas lights! I like experimenting with different kinds/shapes of bokeh too. I bought a lens baby last year, and it has a whole bunch of different creative lens aperture covers with different shapes. This one below was done with the lens baby and the star shape. If you don't have a lens baby, you can make your own shapes and put them over your lens. Read all about it HERE or HERE.

And a couple of other fun ones!

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  1. great shots! I love the first one and your shot of the tree with your heart bokeh! I experimented with some different shape bokeh on my blog today too!

  2. Love those pictures! The bokeh can be sooo neat looking!

  3. Visiting from i-heart-faces ... I love all your photos! This is why I love Christmas ... I am going to have to give this a try (heart bokeh lights)


  4. Wow your pics are amazing! I love the heart-shaped lights on the tree!

  5. fun shots! I like the one with the little elf and his lady friend ;-)

    one of mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63638024@N02/6478672107/

  6. incredibly beautiful shots!!
    i'm impressed!

    happy holidays~

  7. Love your pics. I've been playing with my LensBaby Muse and getting some fun shots too. I don't have any of the filters but I'm going to make one of my own so I can try that element soon too. Happy Holidays!

  8. How fun is this? Merry, merry Christmas!