Free August computer desktop calendar

August!!! How can it be August already?

Summer has finally started here in Seattle, and I have one rose that has been blooming nicely...finally! Mostly it's  doing well because it's a climber, and the deer can't reach it! Oh those deer....so cute, but they can wipe out my garden in no time:(

So here's the August calendar...fresh from the garden!
Download for free as usual, click on the image to see full size, then right click to "save image as".

Please enjoy! (next month- perhaps a photo from Hawaii) Yay!

By the way, I used Chasing Dreams textures to make this image. Check out the website if you're interested in nice affordable texture packs. Tell Colleen I sent you:)

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Beautiful image Sylvia! I love the texture. Can't wait to see the pictures from Hawaii:)

  2. Love your calendars! I came across your site last month and very excited to see this month's is also so pretty! Thank you!

  3. Hey! I want to do something similar to this on my blog next year - where did you get the calendar transparency? faith(dot)raider(at)gmail(dot)com