My June beauties

Short lived, but oh so beautiful. That's how I describe peonies!
This year my bushes were less than impressive, but I was able to have a few bouquets cut for the house.
About the same time as my peonies were blooming, some of the English roses also were making an appearance.

It's a real contest to see who can get to my roses first...me or the deer that seem to love them so much!
There's one particular rose that's my favorite...a pretty pale blush color with the most wonderful scent... well it seems to be a favorite of the deer also because they generally get to it with the first new growth. That sets it back quite a ways, but if I'm lucky I get a few blooms later in the season "un-eaten".

Here's some of the beauties from my yard.

 and the Ballerina roses....they did really well this year:)
Some or all of these will be available in the Etsy Shop.
Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. pure jealousy from here in not so sunny right now California (santa barbara). Oh that I could grow these beauties! For now our local Trader Joes gives us all our peonies fix lol!

  2. Absolutely beautiful captures! Love peonies!

  3. These are GORGEOUS, Sylvia! (I think you are amazingly patient about the deer. But we talked about that. I would build SOMETHING to defend my roses! agh!)

    Just getting somewhat back to normal – I went back to my masseuse the next day and I think she made it worse. Have been mostly immobile since I saw you. Better now, though. bleh xo