Summer is here - I think!

PNW weather this spring has been less than delightful, but finally my peonies are blooming. They put on such a glorious show, but oh too brief. And you can be sure that just when they are heavy with blooms, there will be a day of rain to turn them all brown around the edges and knock them to the ground!

I figured I'd better get out there and cut some bouquets and bring them in the house before that happened! Then of course since I'll have to wait another 12 months to enjoy them again, I have to take some pictures. 
These are just a few that I've edited so far, but since I'm such a slacker on this blog, I wanted to get a quick post up. I decided to upload some to the Etsy shop too, it's been awhile since I've added something new there.

Enjoy my beautiful peonies!

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Oh, Sylvia! I think these are my favorite peony photos EVER. That last one is like a painting and how lucky you are to have them growing right in your garden! I always love when you post here, no matter how often.

    I have ONE peony and it's got four buds this year but they aren't open yet. I remember reading about one famous writer who felt that when his peonies bloomed he needed to just move a chair into the garden and sit there for a week watching them. :)

    Thanks again for sharing my France photos. I'll email you about getting togther. xo – g

  2. Oh, Sylvia, I love peonies! Your photos are beautiful and inspirational as always:)
    I'll wait for more of your great work.

  3. Oh my, these are such beauties. I love the soft colors and the pretty textures that you've added.

  4. Beautiful, I adore the first capture and perfect textures!

  5. Just beautiful! Looooove peonies! Great captures!

  6. How gorgeous! I was too late this year to buy the shrubs. Lovely with the textures.