A day late

 It seems I've let April 1st slip by without getting the monthly desktop calendar posted!
Where does the time go? My days, and weeks, and months seem to fly right by. One day I'm thinking "I have plenty of time to do that", and before I know it, a week has slipped away and I STILL haven't done what I set out to do!
Does anyone else have this problem?

In the last couple of weeks around the PNW, the trees began to blossom. But I'm afraid they will be short lived with all the rain we've had in the last few days!
I did get out and shoot a few images, but was hoping to spend some more time in search of blossoms. Lets hope the rain slows down some, so they are at least around for this coming week!

Here's the month of April for you......and they do say April showers bring May flowers, so there should be plenty of those!!

Click on image to bring up full size, then "save as desktop background"

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share

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  1. Sylvia, your blossom photos are so lovely. Thanks for the April screensaver. Enjoy the weekend.