Spring blossoms and a texture link up

 I've been working on some spring blossom images, so I thought I'd link up to Kim Klassen's Cafe for the texture Tuesday. I love working with textures, and Kim is generous enough to make and share some of her textures for free!
While you're over there having a look at her blog, you should add your name to the subscription list to get the links to the freebies right in your email...how easy is that?

This first image was processed with 2 of Kim's textures: lyrical and magic scratches.

The rest of these are just because I love spring blossoms and I have a whole folder full of them!


Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. They're all so beautiful! :) Great work!
    The cherry blossoms here should be opening in another week or two, I can't wait to take pictures!

  2. Wow!!! Sylvia, I'm dreaming...
    Have a light-filled day my friend!

  3. Love the textured one and all the rest. Beautiful photos. V

  4. gasp!!! so beautiful.. I'm in LOVE with spring blossoms....
    can not wait til they reveal themselves here... :) until then... i can soak up your lovelies...

    xxo, Kim
    p.s. ...thanks for the sweet shout out...and for joining the texture tuesday party.

  5. These are stunning! You're photography truly is an inspiration!

  6. these make me long for spring...sigh!
    each image is so very beautiful-great work.

  7. Fantabulously beautiful... they're all so wonderful! =)