Lens baby fun and frustration!

 Last week I decided to purchase a Lensbaby to use for fun shots for myself, and hopefully a bit on some of the portrait sessions with the seniors to have a fun and unique look. I bought the composer lens and some of the other optional optics (the wide angle, tele and soft focus).

I can tell you that this lens will take a bit to feel comfortable with. Finding that "sweet spot" of focus takes a bit of doing, and so far for every 10 images I've taken, there's probably one keeper!
Some info from dpreview.com:

All Lensbaby lenses provide photographers with a new way to control depth of field by bringing one area of a photo into sharpest focus with that Sweet Spot™ surrounded by graduated blur. By bending the Lensbaby lens, the photographer moves the sharp area around the photo for customized creative effects.

The new Composer retains its position after being bent and is easy to use even with one hand.  Photographers do not squeeze the lens to focus, but can simply tilt the lens to a desired angle and then focus with a barrel focusing ring.  The Composer stays in the desired bent position without requiring a locking mechanism and features the new Lensbaby Optic Swap System.  The Composer’s barrel focusing ring has a unique design that becomes more sensitive (requiring greater rotation to move the optic in and out) as you approach infinity, making it easer to focus on subjects from 10 feet to infinity.

The Optic Swap System with four interchangeable optic options:

The Composer is a new design of the lens family famous for selective focus. That's selective focus within the plane of focus, not just among the planes of focus. With a Lensbaby you can pick one part of the frame to focus on, no matter where it is.  You can also control how much is in focus with a set of aperture disks.

So after only a week of some test shots, here's what I have for you.
Obviously this lens isn't the right one for everything. It evokes more of a mood, a feeling than anything. Which is what I wanted.  It does have a distinctive look to it, and I think can produce some great mood images, but I'm sure it's not for everyone (or right for every image). It does create some dreamy images, and I can see it looking cool with some wedding photos.

I'd personally love to go back to Italy and give it a try on some landscapes!! But all I had for the time being this week, was some flowers and a few people images thrown in. Bear in mind....still learning and practicing. Here's a mish mash of some images I took with it.


If you're looking for something to do more artsy types of photos, you should give it a try!

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Great first time images with your new Lensbaby! i just bought one too and I'm loving it!!! You can view some of my images on www.flickr.com/photos/suefowlerphotography - I only have a few posted, but hopefully will keep going! Fun!!! Thanx for sharing!

  2. Love the Lensbaby, especially on the flowers...but flowers are my passion.

  3. I love the effect that you got on the flowers especially. And I can see that you can definitely create a mood for special assignments. But after looking at a few video tutorials on Lensbaby, I think I would need an assistant to hand me the right accessory to achieve the right mood. Too much for me to handle...too detailed. :o)

    all the best,