ruffles and rust :: a spring vintage market ::

 It's no secret that I like collectibles, vintage, shabby chic, and junk (nice junk that is).
So I was very excited that Come Junk with Us was having the Ruffles and Rust Spring Vintage Market pretty close to my home.

I went on the opening night, when they had the Blogger/Facebook Fan Hat Spectacular! I gotta admit, I did not wear a hat for 2 reasons. First ....busy with work all week, and second I really am not a hat person. I love hats....love to look at them, see them on others, and even buy them. But never wear them myself! Does it count that I at least bought a hat there to add to my prop stash?

I came away with a few nice finds besides the hat, and had a great time looking at all the beautiful displays set up. Also got to hang for a bit with some other local photog friends.

Here's a few of the lovely things to be found at the event, this is not all the pics I took, but I figured I'd better stop sometime! Enjoy!

And a few of the fun hats!!
The Vendor List:

Spool and Sparrow 

Blue Ewe

Pine Creek Nursery

Dyan Emery



The Weathered Rose

Lingering Legacy

Jayne Morse

Candeo Flower

Gypsy General Store

JohnBob Cool Junk

Glitter and Ivy

Seabold Vintage Market

Out of Necessity

Chic Essentials

Bohemian Gypsy


Cedarbrook Lavender


Latitude Studios

Bountiful Home and Nursery

The Vintage Nest

Devon Lang

Garden Primitives


The French Farm House

Circle Creek Home

Fun Junk

Today’s Country Store

Island Chicks

Quilter Girl

Lisa’s Little House

Auntie Joy

Maison Douce

Secrets In The Attic

Valley Vintage

Heather Hansen Designs

Just Because Antiques

Sweet Bee

The Rusty Raeven

Periwinkle Rose

Tippy Stockton

Urban Petal

Flair Weathered Friends

Great Findz


SeaWorthy Home

French Bulldog

Scott Valley Vintage

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Be still my beating heart.... :) Stunning photos as ever Sylvia, were you the official tog? If not you bloody should be! Need to find something like this in England but I'd spend so much money... eek!

  2. this makes me cry looking at them...overjoyed kind of cry....love all these pretty finds..wish there was anywhere near my place too that sells pretty junks! =) congrats on these!!!

  3. Lovely photos! I was there today, too.

  4. Well, I'm so glad you posted these beautiful photos, Sylvia. I ended up not going myself as it was tooo gorgeous today to spend any of it inside. So I appreciate your images even more. Glad you had a fun time and maybe we can meet up for the next one. Have a wonderful Sunday! xo

  5. Hi,

    amazing artwork!
    Where do you get these nice vintage photo frames?

  6. Thank for sharing...beautiful pictures. I had a ticket for Friday night and, last minute, was unable to attend. :-((( ...so it's nice to 'see' some of the beauty!

  7. Stunning...you captured the magic...and then some!

  8. These photos are beautiful. I would love to go to a flea market like this. I love these vintage photo frames also. Where do they come from? Thanks.