a revisit { Siena }

Oh I'm thinking about Italy again! Mainly because some lucky dogs I know will be heading there soon....and it makes me want to go back again myself!
That's not in the immediate future though, so I'm doing the next best thing and reviewing my photos.
I thought it would be fun to do some re-edits and show these in a slide show format.
I'm picking a handful of my favorites from each location I went to.

First up is Siena, in the Tuscany region. The historic center of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. It's one of the nation's most visited tourist attractions.
I won't go into all the history here, because of course there's tons and tons of that. And anyone can do a google search if you want more info.

I loved staying in Siena!! I actually stayed in a B&B of sorts, a room in someone's beautiful house. The owner, Helen, a woman from the states visited Italy and ended up marrying an Italian and moving there! I stayed for 3 nights, and walked into the heart of the town every day. I loved the small narrow alleys, the lack of cars allowed in parts of the town, and the beautiful colors of all the brickwork!

Enjoy the slideshow of just a few of my favorites. Stay tuned for some other stops in my tour of beautiful Italy!!

Thanks so much for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Wow, Sylvia, what a fabulous collection of images! I've not been to Siena but heard it's marvelous. Thank you so much for the tour!! xo – g