Spring fever

 Here it is only the second week in January, and I have spring fever!!! I'm really not looking  forward to the next couple of months! Still dark so early in the day, though we are on the upswing of that. And the wet, cold weather.....blah.

So I was looking through my files from Spring time last year for some photos that I've never edited....I have so many. I decided to process a few to brighten up my day and remember that these beautiful blooms will be here soon...I hope!
I remember last year, we had a really early blooming Spring, trees were covered by the end of February! That's not too long, right?

I hope these images brighten up your dreary winter day too.

Here's a desktop calendar if you'd like to use. (right click- set as desktop background)

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. (I don't know if my comment posted already. I'll try it again 'cuz I don't see it)
    Ooooh, you do the most incredible work, Sylvia! You're inspiring me. I want to do something creative -- AFTER I finish processing all the hundreds of Christmas photos I took {grin}!
    Renae (Synapped on Flickr)

  2. Oh, that is the ticket to brightening up a winter's day! Your work is beyond beautiful Sylvia!

  3. Oh your photos say bring on spring. How lovely.

  4. Delicate shades, this is the beauty in all its purity.

  5. absolutely gorgeous!
    thank you for sharing these :)
    i would sincerely luv for your creative input on some kind of header at FHC.. can't get a response from the bkgrnd creator as to why the header for it doesn't work, so wondering what else i could do to finish the look ... many thx if you have time to take a peek & now worries if you don't :) LOVE what you've shared with us!

  6. Your photography is AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing your desktop calender.

  7. I absolutely love your photos.....stunning:)

  8. lovely blog,congrats! Wonderful shots!
    I follow you! :)

  9. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I've put one on my desktop at work to brighten up my day! You do great work.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! So happy to find your pretty blog this morning.
    I love your soft, feminine and flowery photographs, just added the January calendar to my desktop. It fits a widescreen laptop wonderfully!
    Thank you!

  11. Hi there, I`ve just discovered your lovely blog and your amazing photography. I was wondering whether you would mind if I put your desktop calendar on my sidebar? Peonies and roses are my alltime favourite flowers!