Shadowhouse Rocks {sharing the talent}

 Welcome to the first of my "Spotlight Series"
I've gotten so much from blog hopping over the last couple years, and by following other people's links, I thought I would pass on the favor.  There's a lot of talented people out there, and when I find them I like to share! There's photoshop tips, photography tips, people that make free textures and actions, I could go on and on! I'm going to try and do one of these 'sharing the talent' posts towards the beginning of each month, and hopefully a few of you will be introduced to someone that you didn't know before. They might be someone that I just admire for their photography skills, or someone that is frequently sharing something for free. Which leads me to my first post......

This one is going to spotlight one of my favorite artists....Jerry Jones. I first heard of Jerry on Flickr when he was known as "ghostbones" then "skeletalmess".  I started downloading some of the free textures that he offered, and I followed his artwork.
The thing about Jerry is he's so humble and giving! He spends his time and talent making and sharing things for FREE! His textures are so great, and there's hundreds of them!!! It's really a great way to get started working with textures in photoshop and experimenting, because you can use his without cost. Plus if you look on his blog there are tutorials to help you!

Jerry has a couple blogs that I follow....Shadowhouse Creations  and the newest one, his off shoot with texture packs for download...My2econd Skin. He's in the process or organizing the packs into zip files for easy download of multiple textures....how cool is that?
Of course you can always find his stuff on Flickr too.
You don't want to miss the beautiful slideshow of his work at La Cinematique it's an awesome visual treat!!!

So here's Jerry so you can say hi

And here's some stuff he says on his blog about himself to give you a little background.

Shadowhouse Creations was created in November of 2009 and employs an army of one, myself alone. Seems no one likes working for free these days. Shadowhouse Creations is located on the outskirts of a small mid-western town, in a spare bedroom of my house, converted into an office, art room and PC room. How Chic!

Here at Shadowhouse Creations we/i harness no Illusions of grandeur, all you see here, are creations of mine, such as textures, photoshop brushes, tutorials, layer masks, photoshop and artistic tips, calendars, posted web resources of interest and other things I hope of interest. it is my pleasure to provide free resources for like-minded people.

I'm what you would call an avid self taught Photoshop digital artist, who has no professional training what so ever, all that I've learned has come from tutorials posted online all across the web and self determination.

I'm also an amateur photographer, and I feel I'm being kind in my wording amateur. I feel more comfortable with Photoshop than a camera in my hand, but I feel I'm slowly learning more about photography as time goes by, and hope someday I'll feel as comfortable with my camera as I do with Photoshop,time will tell.

To those of you who know me, probably know me from my Flickr site, and the work I do with textures, which I post for anyone to use, both for personal use and professionally. I've been creating my own textures for some years now, and love incorporating them into my artwork and photos, if used properly,they really can add incredible possibilities and atmosphere to your images.

Being a member of the Flickr community and several texture groups, I decided like so many others to offer them freely for others to use, after all, why should they just set around on an external hard drive collecting dust.

Some of you may remember me for my dark artworks, something that was such a big part of me for quite some time under the name ghostbones, but the genre grew tiresome and I felt I was feeling pigeon holed to one creative output, so in late 2008 I decided to put an end to ghostbones and start a new life as skeletalmess, which I tried to hide at first, but it was evident to others who new my work who I was, so much for anonymity.

I'm loving the new me, and I'm having fun again, trying my hands at different things and all the while, keeping some wonderful friends along the way.

Now to demonstrate Jerry's textures at work, I used a few on them on the following images of mine.
This first one I used 3 different ones....baby blue from the heavenly vintage set....aged canvas5....and oil painting3
(click to go bigger)

And on this next one I used 2 different ones.....aged canvas9 and one called  PG2
(click to go bigger)

If you aren't familiar with Jerry, be sure and become a blog follower of his so you don't miss out on any of his terrific offerings. Oh and did I say he also posts tutorials and helpful photoshop hints and makes brushes? Never ending talent I say!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found a new talent to follow. More coming in the future!
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Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. I absolutely adore Jerry! I love his work and he is one of the kindest, most talented and generous photo artists I've ever met (virtually). He shares his texture files with all of the Flickr family and never asks for anything but a mention. I am so pleased to see you feature him and Shadowhouse here.
    Jerri Johnson

  2. Wonderful work and how sweet of you Sylvia to share with us.

  3. I also use his stuff-his daguerrotype series is to die for!


  4. I'm deeply touched by your kind post and comments my dear, in fact, being somewhat shy, I'm pretty sure my face was blush red while reading.

    Hugs and a wave " insert wave here"


  5. He is the absolute best, and his textures cannot be surpassed. He's the perfect person to start with, Sylvia. Nice article.

  6. I'm going there right now!!!! Beautiful work!!!!! Love this Sylvia!!! Love love love this!!!!

  7. I LOVE Jerry!!! I just found him a few weeks ago and im going gaga for all his FREE STUFF!!!