January- can we just skip this month?

January....don't like it much! Or February or that matter. And why does FebRuary have an R in it? Just to be more annoying I think!
About this time of the year, I start thinking SPRING!
Then I start going through some of my pictures on the hard drive that I've never gotten around to editing. That inevitably takes me to the flowers.

What better time of the year to upload some pretty flower images than right now, in the middle of winter?
I guess here in the PNW, we really can't complain too much this year about our weather. It hasn't been too cold, but there has been quite a bit of rain (no surprise) and the rivers are overflowing their banks in places. But I know in other parts of the country, it's much worse.

Anyway, here's a couple images I decided to process and upload to give you a glimmer of Spring, hope you enjoy!

 roses from my yard

peonies from my yard

more peonies, I love these flowers!

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Ah....thank you for that hint of what's to come. Gorgeous images.

  2. I love peonies, too. These are beautiful.