Friendships in cyberspace (and a contest)

 Did Santa forget to bring something that was on your Christmas list?
Well today is your lucky day, because my cyber friend Isabelle Lafrance is having a giveaway on her blog this week! If you're a photographer, you'll find so many goodies that you can use!! Actions, textures, photo props galore!
She also has several fine art products included, a set of my "vintage seashore" coasters being one of them. There are 2 other artists also offering prints for your wall. All in all, a well rounded giveaway with some wonderful vendors.

Ever since joining Flickr quite a few years ago, I have "met" some of the nicest, generous, most helpful people in the world. Not only are they wonderful artists/photographers, but they are so willing to share tips, info and freebies! Isabelle is one of those kind souls that I have known from the Flickr days. Since then, we both have gravitated away from our time on Flickr, but have stayed in touch via FB and our blogs!

So I invite you over to Isabelle's blog and have a look around...and be sure to enter the contest!!
(by the way, Isabelle is going to be one of the artists that I will blog about for my "sharing the talent" series.....but sshhhhhh...don't tell her)

 Here's the coaster set of mine that's included

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Isabelle is such a sweetheart!!!! Love her giveaway!!!

  2. your welcome my dear!!
    aww the little bird looks SO adorable!! and your blog makeover is beautiful!

    sorry about not leaving a comment.. i meant too but just got busy too! :)
    we both need more hrs in the day!

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