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 I had intended to head to the Bellevue Botanical garden display "Garden d'Lights" for some photos after a short downtown visit and an errand or two, but got rained out. So I decided to just stay downtown and take a few photos of the lights of Snowflake Lane. I didn't even stay until the 7pm show, just snapped a few in between rain drops of the pretty lights in the trees and along Bellevue Way. Maybe I'll get to the gardens in the next few days.

Here's what Bellevue Way looks like all decked out for the holidays! I love the look of the wet pavement, so rain was a good thing here!
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In case I don't make it to the gardens this year, here's a couple of pics from years past when I went.

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share

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  1. Gorgeous and festive, Sylvia! I love these images!!! I've never gone to the Snowflake Lane – so beautiful. Of course I love the blurry ones best!

    I haven't made it to the Garden d'Lights yet either. I see they are charging admission this year for the first time. Only $5.00, which is what I usually donate anyway, but now you need reservations, too. I've been the last two years – hope I can still make it this year.

    Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas, Bennett's first! How exciting. I'm sure he'll love how beautiful and magical your home is with all your decorations. :)

    ♥ - g