Christmas star bokeh {free texture layer}

 Wow, I haven't posted this many blog entries in a long time! But the holiday opportunities for picture taking have left me no other choice! I'm just about done with my decorating, not that I could stop because I have many more bins of decorations left in the garage. But.....I'm scaling down this year, and anyway, I'll have to take everything down in a few weeks anyway!

To see the last 2 blog posts that I did with Christmas house decor look here for the big shiny gold/white/silver tree, and here for the colorful vintage tree, complete with elves!

And to still enter the contest for the coaster giveaway until the end of the week, LOOK HERE.

This post features some of my favorite vintage ornaments, in soft pretty pastels of yesteryear. These are my treasures, so delicate and pretty. Lots of old wear and imperfections, but that just adds to the charm. I'd love to just keep them out on display the entire year around:)

I also thought I'd share the star bokeh layer that I made and used on some of these photos. If you work in photoshop, and understand using texture layers, this is the one that you see on some of the following photos. Once you layer it over your photo, use it on "screen" blending mode and play around with the opacity to get these cool star effects.
You can download the star bokeh layer HERE.

I'd also love it if you shared what you did with it by linking up to this post with your blog where you've posted  a photo, or to a Flickr photo. It would be fun to see people's results! You can use the linky tool at the end of the post!
Now on to the photos!!

This post is linked to:  The Nesting Place (Christmas tour of Homes).
All things merry and bright

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. very pretty!!! i will be using this bokeh later soon!

  2. oh my those ornaments are breathtaking! your photos are stunning. blessings,
    sara :)

  3. I love all the color!...Great job on your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful photos- these colors are just so festive and fun!

  5. Ohhh, Sylvia, these are so magical, beautiful and nostalgic. I love the blue and pink and of course adore the old ornaments so much. Very generous of you to share your star texture.

    xo – g

    p. s. thanks (NOT!) for the link to the Christmas Home tours. I just spent an hour looking at them! :)

  6. Oh...these photos are lovely of your shiny brite ornaments. You photography skills are obviously so much greater than mine. I've never really been into photography until I needed it for the blog. Maybe if I keep working at it, I'll get close to having photos as pretty as yours.

    Thanks for telling me to come over here and look at these images. Very very pretty.

  7. So beautiful. I need more shiny brites so I can fill some glass containers with them too. I can't believe with all of them I have...I feel like I need so many more.

    Your photos are sooo pretty.

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous! Love the colors of all those ornaments.
    Happy Holidays :)

  9. What a joy stopping by to meet you and see your beautiful photography! Gorgeous! I am looking forward to perusing more of your posts.

    Kindly, ldh

  10. Oh My Goodness! Your photos are so very, very pretty. thanks so much for sharing with us.

  11. Thank you for the bokeh, I came here from Mandy's blog :) Will link up when I get a chance to play with it! Your photo's are beautiful too :)

  12. These stars add a touch of magic to your images!

  13. Oh thank you to the moon and back for linking to All Things Merry & Brite...I felt such a peaceful kind of joy scrolling through your photos. The bokeh texture is divine. I'm tweeting this post and following! love your blog-home my new friend!
    All Thing Heart and Home

  14. Absolutely enchanting! My son just gave me my Christmas gift last night and it was "free lessons on Photoshop!" I will love to be able to use this. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  15. Beautiful, your work is amazing. I love the bokeh texture. Just gorgeous.

  16. Thank you for the stars! You photos are lovely!

  17. Thankyou Sylvia - I downloaded your layer and your decorations remind me of the ones my mum used to put on our tree.