Delectable tasting

 This year I went to Arizona for Thanksgiving and celebrated the holiday with family there. Not only did we have a fantastic Thanksgiving get together and dinner, but I was lucky enough to have this unbelievable "tasting" dinner that my talented sister in law Gioia put together.

She is a cook/chef/baker extraordinaire, and boy does she know everything about beautiful presentation!!
Each and every dish was as tasty as it was beautiful to look at. Every detail was perfect, and it was soooo hard to dig in and mess up all this gorgeous food (how many times have you called food gorgeous?).

But I forced myself, and have never tasted so many wonderful things all at once!! We had to have a "food photo shoot" first though to document and remember this most fabulous meal.
So be prepared to have your mouth watering as you browse these photos......I can't wait for my next time!

Our menu:
Spanakopita triangles
Salad of Radicchio, Arugula, and Frise'e
Lamb and Pepper Kabobs marinated with lemon and fennel
Grilled Scampi of Jumbo Prawns
Molded rice with lemon and mint
Grilled Figs with cherry sauce and toasted coconut
Melon and prosciutto
Vegetable Timbales of pureed carrots, watercress, and roasted sweet peppers
Red wine poached Argentinean Pears
Petit four
Chocolate Mousse with Mandarin Napoleon

And as if making this beautiful spread isn't enough talent, Gioia is also an award winning stain glass artisan. Have a look at her website Unique Glass  and be further impressed.
Here's a shot of a couple of her pieces that were in a gallery on Whidbey Island.

Thank you SO much Gioia for going through all this trouble. I'll remember this evening for a long time!

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. I am SO jealous! That looks beautiful and yummy! She is a truely talented woman.

  2. Holy moly that all looks amazing!! And what a presentation as well. Good thing you took photos to document!

  3. how I wish I could cook like this...
    So gorgeous!!!