Little piece of Heaven ::photo challenge::

 I thought it might be fun to post and enter a photo in my daughter Mandy's blog photo challenge.
I was going to put up a photo from my trip to Venice, which is truly my favorite city in the world, and a piece of heaven for sure.
But then I got thinking....what currently is my very own piece of heaven, is spending time with my sweet little grandson Bennett! He is the cutest, sweetest,  most fun thing in the world, and can always put a smile on my face....so why not post a photo of him for the challenge?
This one is from the most recent batch of pics that I took on one of my last visits, I'm sure that those of you that follow Mandy's blog will recognize him!!

Check out her wonderful blog!!

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. ah! i thought i recognized this little angel when i looked at the thumbnail :-) he is my little piece of heaven, too. but i'm always posting pictures of him so i thought i'd mix it up a little. ha ha. thank you for playing a long, mom!!

  2. It`s great you enjoy to spend time with him. He is lovely :)