The smell of stock

 To me, one of the best parts of having flowers in your garden or house is the wonderful smell you get to enjoy along with the beauty of the flower itself.
It rather seems a waste when you see a really pretty rose, or a lily of some sort that doesn't have a bit of a smell to it. Seems as if all flowers should have a nice scent!
Stock is no exception in that department. These didn't come from my yard, I tried growing them years ago, and never had great luck. But they're available at the store! So I bought a bunch a couple weeks ago, and just finally got rid of them a few days ago.
Interestingly enough, for one of the best spicy smelling flowers around...they sure do stink as they get old!

Thanks for stopping by......Sylvia Share


  1. Dreamy and light-filled photographs, Sylvia. You've made these simple blooms so elegant! Few flowers hold their fragrance for long and, as you say, they can get downright unpleasant. Love your texture work, too. It's a beautiful day – enjoy yours! xo

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