Post birthday giveaway!!

 I had meant for this post to be up last Thursday as a birthday giveaway, but didn't get around to it....so better late than never right? I wanted to give away a free 8x10 print from my Etsy shop to celebrate my birthday!!
I've picked 2 different ones for you to choose from, so all you have to do is leave a comment telling me something fun you've done this summer and which print is your choice. Make sure you leave contact info!!!
I'll use Random.org to pick the winner on Aug 10th ....one week from today!

Oh and how about sharing this post with your friends? The more the merrier!

I haven't had my 'real vacation' yet, that's coming up on a couple weeks. I'll be taking a trip to the Solvang/Santa Barbara/San Francisco area with one of my daughters. But I did spend a fun couple of days on the Olympic Peninsula trekking around to the lavender fields with a friend. In fact the last blog post was about that trip.
I've also enjoyed so many great photo sessions with my fantastic clients over the short summer months. Have a look to see what I've been up to!!

But mostly, I've had the opportunity to spend time and get to know my little grandson! Having him in our lives is so fun.....I can never get enough of him. The time is going by so quickly, he's learning so many new things every day. It's usually a week or so in between visits for me because of the way my work schedule is, and he's mastered new tricks every time I see him!!  (and no, he's NOT included in the giveaway)

Anyway, here's the 2 prints for you to choose from:

Tulip fields
In the Window


  1. This summer has been so good to me, being able to spend time with my girls! I have been spending time learning about photography since I have been so inspired by your work.

    I love Tulip Fields! It reminds me that life is a beautiful path if you take the time to enjoy it.

  2. I've had a very busy summer so far! I've taken one of my first photography classes, gone to FL & NY, will be in CA this weekend and I'm on my way to Puerto Rico next week :)

    It was a hard choice as they are both lovely prints, but I like Tulip Fields the best.

  3. This has been the best summer of my life so far! My husband surprised me with a trip to my home town, by myself, for one week to spend quality time with friends and family. This trip was life amazing! Missed the boys a ton, of course. I love the tulips, such a breathtaking shot! Wish I was there in person, however I feel as if I am when I look at this picture. Happy Birthday Sylvia!

  4. ooops, last comment about trip to home town was by Robin Appasamy, lol

  5. Happy Birthday, again! My your grandson is growing so fast!! What a doll!

    Ooo, summer fun? Well, lots of shooting, so that's always fun. Walking on the beach with my bro, that was a lot of fun.

    And, tulips for sure! xo

  6. Oh the Tulip Fields are gorgeous!

    This summer has been very eventful. I have spent it all in Australia (I'm from California) and we went to the Sunshine Coast for 2 weeks... I went to Australia Zoo and hung out with kangaroos and koalas, I went whale watching, and I went scuba diving through an old navy warship! So neat :)

  7. How did I miss this?!! Hope your birthday was wonderful... I seem to remember you had a fab time and I'm so glad. :)

    Can I have a photo of Bennett?!!! Lol.

    I choose In The Window, it's beautiful, I love the colours. :)


  8. My summer was fun and exciting two of my lil ones had thier birthday partys. lots of Family friends and memories i will never forget !!!

    my fave is the tulips all your work is just beautiful