One Willow Presets :: I ♥ them!

 A little while ago, Jessica Paige of One Willow Boutique sent me her soon to be released presets to try out with ACR... and wow, are they something else! I already had the "Retro Candy" set, and now the new release of the "Fairytale set".  They are so beautiful!! So many different looks with the click of a button. Plus she has included a whole bunch of posts to help with the quick edits.
I played with a few flower images today to try them out and included the SOOC (before) and the edited version. Most of the edits also have textures added from the Florabella Collection.

Here's a few that I did....  all the peonies and roses came from my yard:)
On the left the original, on the right the "Mirror preset" from the new Fairytale set and textures from Florabella (scratched vintage, retro teal, and antique white)

On the top is the original, below is the preset "Alice" and textures from Florabella (Artiste and Pashmina)
 On the top is the original, below is the preset "Pearl Clouds" plus the post II lighten. Florabella texture "fishnet"

 Below image is processed with the "Beloved" preset and Florabella texture "Merlot"
 I can't say enough good things about the One Willow presets...they are SO nice. There are versions for either ACR or Lightroom......so go have at look!

If you're interested in any of these images as a fine art print, keep a look out in my Etsy shop. They are sure to turn up there!!

And lastly, I wanted to show the presets used on a portrait instead of just flowers.
Te left is the SOOC, and on the right I used the preset "Taffy", plus 2 posts "lighten II and clarify" (also some skin editing, but that's all)

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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!! I love them!!!! So beautiful!!!!!!!

    Thank you for my prints they are beautiful!!! Your work is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to order more.

  2. Hello,dear Silvia!-)*

    HOW unbeliebebly great you photos... just breathtaking!!!

    You are absolutely a wonderful Artist,Silvia:-)))*

    Love and admiring for you,

  3. Just delectable, Sylvia!! Thanks for sharing the details. Jess and Shana have created such wonderful tools. I'm so impressed that your peonies look so beautiful! Mine have not come out yet, if they're even going to this year. Thank goodness I got a lot of cut ones this year.

    Um, well, the sun was on and off today. Mostly off. Not what I would call a sunny day but so much better than yesterday. Hopefully better tomorrow. – g

  4. I admire your work, they all are so beautiful, this wonderful lace on the first picture is a tatting lace?
    Thank you for sharing your processing steps, I have a Florabella textures and now I would like to purches the One Willow presets! Have great day!