Peonies and textures

It's peony time in my yard, at least they have just begun to bloom over the last week. I have several varieties, and this huge single pink with yellow center is pretty spectacular! I don't really remember which variety this one is.

I've posted a couple photos that I've done with added textures, and was going to do a texture tutorial, but thought.....why invent the wheel? There are so many good tutorials out there already, just google it!

Or head over to the Coffeeshop blog, and read the one that Rita has already posted. I go to Rita's blog every day for her great tutorials, freebies, blog help and just plain entertainment. Every once in awhile she posts funny stories about her 2 boys!

If you go to the Florabella blog, you can purchase some of my very favorite textures. I use them in so many photos. It looks like video tutorials are coming to that blog soon, that should be fantastic!

One of my other absolute favorite places to get great textures is from Jessica Drossin. Jessica is a fabulous photographer, and has made a couple texture packs that are very reasonably priced.

Just recently I discovered Chasing Dreams Photography. Colleen is also a wonderful photographer that has made several texture packs for purchase that are very affordable.

Jerry Jones has a blog called Shadowhouse Creations, and boy is it packed with information and lots of great free textures. Jerry also has tons of tutorials there to help with various photoshop creations.

And one more place to pick up some different texture sets is from my friend Sue Gary.
Check out her Glorious Nature Blog for some fun and different textures and overlays including butterflies and birds!

In this next photo, I used an action from my Flickr friend Tracy. She is also very generous and has a blog with free PS actions and ACR and LR presets.  I also used Florabella action "primrose" from the Spring I set. Then 3 textures from the Texture pack II....vintage velvet, scratched vintage, and merlot. This is the result:

In this photo below, I used the Florabella action Vintage Wine, and 2 textures from Chasing Dreams Photography...Giovanni and jasmine.

And here's the peonies straight out of the camera, no textures and no color adjustments....just bright and beautiful.

Both of the textured photos can be found in my Etsy shop now!
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  1. Wow!! Terrific post, Sylvia!!! Your peonies are divine and the textured images are perfect, especially the second one which is so classy and elegant! And fantastic to have all these links – some I knew of and others I didn't so you've done a great service here by including them. Enjoy your peonies! I only have one, but it's not open yet. Hopefully we'll have some sun by the time it is. I don't usually bash our weather but this is ridiculous!! Have a great weekend. xo – g

  2. Hello! I discovered you via Georgianna (who has already been here, naturally!) and I just wanted to say that it's always so wonderful to discover new flower loving friends!! Thank you for sharing all these lovely links by the way, I'm on way to peruse... xJardino

  3. I love your work. Your images are very beautiful with perfect processing. Tkanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, great sharing!!! I´m off to visit all the blogs :-)

    You have a fantastic blog and beautiful pictures!! I wish I had peonies in my garden, they are one of my favorit flower!!