Can you smell the lilacs?

Is there anything better than seeing the lilac bushes in bloom in the spring time? Well maybe only smelling them! I have a few different varieties in my yard, most of these photos are of my bushes, but a few are from when I went up to the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley. I made a side trip to the beautiful little town of La Conner, and found some blooming there to add to my photo collection.

Here's a little info I dug up on these beautiful shrubs......

Lilacs in the United States date back to the mid 1750's. They were grown in America's first botanical gardens and were popular in New England. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew them in their gardens. Lilac bushes can live for hundreds of years, so a bush planted at that time may still be around. Lilacs originated from Europe and Asia, with the majority of natural varieties coming from Asia. In Europe, lilacs came from the Balkans, France and Turkey.

There are over 1,000 varieties of Lilacs. They come in several colors, with the most popular being the color lilac and purple. White and pink are also popular. They also vary widely in size from the small 4 to 8 foot varieties to types that can grow up to 30 feet.

Where is the Lilac Capital of the World? Many areas grow them and many have a wide variety in large numbers. But Rochester, N.Y. undoubtedly is the Lilac Capital of the World. It's love for Lilacs dates back to 1892 when Highland Park horticulturalist John Dunbar planted 20 varieties on the sunny southern slopes of the park. Highland Park in Rochester is the scene of an annual, two week long Lilac Festival ,with over a half a million people attending the event each year. This park has over 500 varieties of lilacs and more than 1200 lilac bushes in the parks' 155 acres.
I sure would love to see that sometime!!

Hope you enjoyed your stroll through the lilacs, and thanks for looking!


  1. Sylvia!!!

    You outdid yourself on all of these photos. I love the one with the closed sign. Looks like an amazing place.


  2. I agree with Abby. Yo have really outdone yourself on this series, Sylvia! What an abundance of fragrant, graceful beauty – sheer heaven! And to have them at your fingertips! Thank you for this beautiful post. xo - g

  3. You BlOW ME AWAY!!!!!!! Your photography rocks!!! You are so talented!!!!! oh my gosh....SO SO TALENTED!!!!!!!

  4. OMG this are the best lilacs images that I ever seen. I love your work, you are so talented and gifted. Your photography make world the beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos.