A stroll through my yard

Generally May is always my favorite time in the yard because most of the flowers are blooming at the same time. I have a predominately spring blooming yard, but since this year it came early, it's now filled with flowers already!
Bulbs all up, lilacs starting, and the azaleas and rhodies are budding too.
Here's just a few of the images I took today, I could spend hours out there photographing.
It does make it hard to get any work done though.

What is your favorite Spring blooming flower? I'm not sure I can choose, but it might have to be lilacs! In a few days, mine should be pretty much in full bloom....I can almost smell them now!

This clematis is one of my favorites, I have it over a black metal arch in the garden.

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  1. Pure, gorgeous delight, Sylvia! I can imagine your garden looks like a wonderland right now. I can't really pick a favorite, well, okay, narcissus. I adore them. But I do lavish compliments on each plant. The bluebells are a bit out of hand this year and I'm having to dig them out of the rose beds. But in their place, they are darling. Thank you for the tour of your lovely place! :) – g