Spring........right around the corner!

We've had an unusually mild winter this year, so here in the PNW the trees think it's Spring already. They started blooming mid February, and are out in all their glory right now!! I don't have any in my yard, so I have to walk around the neighborhood or be sure and take my camera with me every where I go. You'll find me often times pulled off the side of the road, or in some parking lot peering up into the trees!

Here's s few of my favorites...enjoy!


  1. My gosh, these are all exquisite, Sylvia! Each is a work of art. (I've been shooting the blossoms for days, too. Fortunately, I have a lot in my garden but I've also hit a few store parking lots, the arboretum, neighborhoods and random houses along the way. It's so warm, I'm afraid they will be gone fast. Already they are talking about the tulip fest opening early..) Enjoy your week! xo

  2. OMG Sylvia!!
    Such MAGIC in these shots, so beautiful, all them!!!!