shabby and chic

shabby and chic, originally uploaded by slcook52 (Sylvia).

This is one of my favorite prints that I have in my Etsy shop.
Again I used Florabella textures to enhance it.
These are roses from my garden, when it looked much better in the Spring.
The summer has kept me so busy with photo sessions on top of work and everything else, my yard looks pretty worse for the wear. I did just discover a whole new second bloom of roses though on one of my plants, so of course I had to cut them and bring a vase full into the house to enjoy.

Maybe I'll have time to process a new photo of them in the next few days.
Hope the summer has been wonderful for everyone!
Fall is just around the corner!


  1. ha you!!

    I love this. It is so romantic.
    Glad you have been busy with the sessions, all your photos amaze me.

    If you lived closer I would hire you in a minute. I am long over do for new promo photos.

    miss you also!!!
    big hugs!

  2. Your roses are to die for! I think my mom is in love with your roses..lol. I commented or liked one of your photos a while back on FB and she keeps saying how amazing and gorgeous your work is! I agree xx