I ♥ my anemonies

I ♥ my anemonies, originally uploaded by slcook52 (Sylvia).

Every once in awhile I still get outside to take flower pics.
I took this shot (and many more) of the Japanese anemonies in my front yard last week. I love how they hold themselves up on those skinny but wirey stems.

The only problem I have with them is that I can never spell it right without going to an online dictionary!! There's just something about that word!

I used an action from Michelle Nicole called bluebell, just to give the image a bit more blue


  1. This photograph is so lovely! ♥
    I adore Japanese anemonies. We are building a house these days & I dream of planting many, many, many of them in our garden. (Together with lavender & lilacs)

    Wish you a wonderful day!


  2. lol...it's a tricky word to spell..but they so incredibly gorgeous. Are you enjoying the hydrangea season? I know they are your favs :D

  3. Did you get the new Rachel Ashwell book :D

  4. These are one of my favorite flowers .
    I love what you did with them!!!

    I also took a look at your darling
    baby shot yesterday, too cute!!