I don't know what it is about old vintage beach/ocean scenes that I love so much.
Maybe they just are so nostalgic, they take you back to your childhood.
I didn't live at the ocean as a child, but went on family vacations with my cousins to Lake Erie...which when you think about it, is so huge it can pass for an ocean.
We used to go to Geneva-on-the-Lake. My cousins had a trailer on some property, and we would spend the days at the beach or walking around the little seaside town along the boardwalk. All kinds of fun arcade games and rides...just what every kid loves!

So when I see pictures of the beach or ocean, those memories come back to me.
I have some shots from a trip back to Connecticut that I made a couple years ago, and have been re-working them in Photoshop to look like old vintage postcards or photos. It's so fun to totally see the style and mood of the image change with just adding a few vintage actions, layers and textures.

I already posted a few a while back, and here's some more for you to check out.
These and the others are in my Etsy shop for sale. I printed out some of them for myself and I really like the way they look together. Also printed up the 11x14 collage with the 4 images, and it looks awesome. Now I just need to figure out where to hang it.


  1. These are so wonderful. I love them. I have exactly the same thoughts as you on the beach!! I am sorry I've been away so long - today I made my return to Flickr and the blog!I do, truly love these pics.

  2. Nice to have you back, I shall be offline for a while from Thursday, but have no fear I shall return ;o)