Falling behind

It's been extremely hard to keep up with this blog, even though I don't really write much. But even just posting photos, I can barely remember to do.
The Spring was filled with so many beautiful blooming flowers and trees here in the Pacific Northwest, I took tons of pictures.
This one is a Pink Dogwood obviously, but I worked it a bit in Photoshop to make it a little less vivid than it really is. I guess I'm going through my faded and "pale" stage. I like the look of the old faded photos, the vintage or shabby chic appeal.
So this one is also featured in the Etsy Shop.


  1. Hi Sylvia..this is a gorgeous image..! I am just now setting up my own blogspot .. here it the way to get to it:


    I have put a link on my blog to yours too!

    Now I am trying to figure out how to add more text such as a copyright notice..like how yours is? When I try to use the text box..for my profile..it says I have exceeded 1200 characters? it doesn't look like that many to me? there must be a way..maybe that text gadget thing ??

  2. I've loved this photo since you posted it on Flickr, so soft... I like your faded and vintage stage!

  3. Sylvia, talk about busy! Wow, I hear you. I have no windows on the back of my house. Instead, I have plywood, and two busy little kids with no school. You'll hear more from me in the fall. Love your photo, gorgeous as ever!