blue eyed grass

blue eyed grass, originally uploaded by slcook52 (busy).

I took this photo of this tiny little blooming grass at a nursery, even though I have some growing in a pot in my yard. They're only about a 1/4 inch across. But wouldn't a whole yard full of this kind of grass look cool??

Here's some info on the beautiful tiny little blue eyed grass:

Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium montanum) can be a shy, retiring plant at times. They are small perennials, only 10-30 cm (4-12") tall, with leaves to 3 mm (1/8") wide. They start opening their eyes in early June and continue to look around all through June. But you have to be a morning person. Sometimes I have gone to photograph those pretty blue eyes in the afternoon only to find that they have already closed their eyes for the day. And just try to find them when their eyes are closed! Their medium green grass-like leaves fade into the background and mingle shyly with all the prairie grasses around them.

Each pretty blue eye sheds a tear when it is finished blooming, in the form of a small round seed capsule filled with tiny black seeds. Perhaps they are tears of happiness or perhaps they are tears of sorrow. We can only speculate. This plant is also known as Star Grass by some people because the flowers are distinctly star shaped. Blue-Eyed Grass is actually not a true grass, but a member of the Iris family, closely related to Blue Flag or Wild Iris.

Blue-Eyed Grass is not only a popular and easy to grow wildflower for our gardens, but the birds like to eat the seeds too. And it adds a touch of whimsy to the garden.

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  1. This photo makes me appreciate every single part of a flower and of life too!Nice photo!!