"No form of Nature is inferior to Art; for the arts merely imitate natural forms."

More tulips!! I bought these when I was at the Skagit Valley tulip festival, and 2 beautiful vases have been gracing my house for almost 2 weeks now. Today's the last day for them though, the petals are dropping all over the place. Sad to see them go, but that just means I can replace them with some other beautiful flowers!
Things are starting to bloom in my yard, the lilacs are beginning to bud, so hopefully a vase of those will not be far behind!


  1. It's so elegant Sylvia! Nothing like a vase full of gorgeous flower to light up any room!

  2. Exquisite tulips Sylvia! Congratulations that Spring is in full swing for you finally. I LOVE lilacs so I can't wait to see them too.