Help me choose!!

Decision, decisions!! This coming June I have been invited to show some of my photos at the Wallflower Custom Framing store during the West Seattle Art Walk. There will be several local photographers with "like styles" during the month of June, and I'm honored to have been asked and sharing space with Vicki Dvorak
and Georgianna Lane.

From the West Seattle art walk FB page:
"Once a month artists and art appreciators alike gather to celebrate local art with the West Seattle ArtWalk. Stroll The Junction and discover incredible local art right in your own backyard. Each month participating Junction businesses display new artists, and during the ArtWalk oftentimes artists will attend to tell you about their work. Grab a bite before or after and make it a night out to remember in Downtown West Seattle. For a current schedule, visit: www.westseattleartwalk.blogspot.com."

So since I've never had my photos printed and framed for an actual 'on the wall show', I'm having a terrible time deciding. Plus the up front expense of having this all done.....perhaps to not sell a thing! Ackkkk...I could be STUCK with all my framed prints and no wall space to hang them! I've only sold my photos on line, so this is quite a new experience.

I'm trying to pick pieces that are of a similar look/style, and thought some of these blossoming trees would look good together. My idea is to have them printed square (12x12) i n a 16x16 "country white" wood frame and matted. But I'm not having all of these done.....maybe 8?

I could use some help choosing though.
I've set up a vote here on this post and would appreciate any readers help by voting for your favorite 8. Choose the ones you like, would buy, or would hang on your wall if you were forced to:) I know it's hard to tell from just these little pics, but I really didn't want to upload 14 full sized images. (You can click on the image and see it a bit larger)

Thanks for your help!!!

Update: I guess the poll will only let you vote for one...so just pick your fave then. Definately looks like there's a few that are in the top running....thanks everyone!

Please vote for your favorite 8 photos
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  1. Congratulations!

    I love them all! I tried to vote but it just lets me pick 1.


  2. I could also only vote once, but I like 1,4,5,and 14 best!

  3. Congrats Sylvia! I'm so excited for you and you are in good company. My favorite four are: 6, 1, 4, 5.

  4. Hi Sylvia...I tried to copy and paste your new URL into my blogger thing...to post your site and it keeps telling me they couldn't find your blog. But here I am..lol..but I can't copy and paste it because it says they can't find it..ugh! I will try again later and hopefully I can get it working.