Fabulous hydrangeas

for Tony ♥, originally uploaded by slcook52.

I think I mentioned earlier how much I loved hydrangeas, and that there would surely be more of them on here. This bouquet is a combination of blossoms from my yard and my neighbors yard. I actually think I like the soft muted whites and pinks the best. Even more than the beautiful bright blue tones.
These just look so soft and they dry beautifully. Pick these at just the right time and you have a dry bouquet that doesn't look dried, and will last you for a long long time!


  1. Truly fab flowers!! I adore them!! And the bokeh is outstanding!! I've been a bad blogger lately - but great to catch up with you again!! xx

  2. I love your hydrangeas, you sure know how to reveal their true beauty...

  3. You know I love these flowers as well! The soil in my area does not normally produce the deep blue hydrangeas that are so desirable. The P.G. varieties are fantastic no matter the soil ph! Gorgeous image, could be in the sales material from the nursery or grower!

  4. Sylvia,

    I went to Roger's Garden the other day and they had rooms and rooms of hydrangeas. I immediately thought of you. They even had some planted baskets with them and birds nests with eggs. Gorgeous. I love your photo. Spring is here!


  5. This is one of my favorite pictures you've taken..love it!! How can you not love hydrangeas :D They are beautiful at every stage of their lives. Hope you are well. I am still trying to get the hang of a blog...so hopefully I can make it the way I envision it. ~hugs~

  6. What a beautiful photo of one of my favorite flowers. I found you through Abby/Simply Flowers, and what a treat!
    I will visit often and be inspired.