Balancing act

Even though I'm branching out into portrait photography, nature macros and waterdrops are still some of the things I really love to shoot. I really don't ever get bored or tired of taking photos of flowers, and the beautiful surprises of the macro world.
Sometimes I frame a shot and snap it off, only to find something hidden in it, or that was so small, I never saw it until it was enlarged on my computer screen. I've found many a teeny tiny bug that way!!

But waterdrops, and their refractions, are really fun and challenging to shoot. I have many many of these to share in future posts!


  1. I love your macro work, it was (and still is!) an inspiration from the first time I came across your stream on Flickr!

  2. And we love your flowers... :D

  3. This is really beautiful and you're great at nature macros. It's also exciting to see you branch out.