Slin-key, originally uploaded by slcook52.

Today was Retro 70's pink day in one of my Flickr groups.
I don't have any retro 70's clothes left...thank God.
So I was trying to think of some of the toys and fads that were popular then. After doing a google search, I came up with the Slinky.
The group calls for pink, and truth be told, this was a red Slinky. Photoshop to the rescue. Toned down the brightness and changed the color some of the Slinky, which toned down the subtle background colors too, leaving it mostly black and white. I actually prefer it that way.
So after seeing this, I hope that you too have the Slinky jingle stuck in your head like I do!!

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  1. I love this slinky photo. It's beautiful and brings back happy memories.