For the sweet Elyani

For the sweet Elyani, originally uploaded by slcook52.

I have SO many hydrangea photos in my files, this is just one of many!
I have quite a few different varieties in my yard, and for the most part, they do really well in the PNW where I live. They mostly like the shade and lots of water, 2 things we have quite a bit of in Seattle. But when we do get an exceptionally hot day, they wilt really fast and the leaves get burned.
What I like about them, is the vast range in color. From every shade of blue, greens, purples, whites, and pinks, with many of those colors all combined in one flower.

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  1. Oh, I want to grow hydrangeas. Some plants really like me, and some, not so much. I must find the perfect place for them. I love hydrangeas too. This is beautiful Sylvia!